Far off the Deep End

oh dear lord they’re talking about mpreg on @midnight

wait so are neil and matt’s tattoos fake or real? 

holy shit weird al’s on @midnight tonight

man both chopped and jeopardy are having their teen tournaments right now and i want to feel kinda proud or something like “yeah this is my generation” but instead i just feel really embarrassed by nearly everything they do

and i want edgar and jake to sign it too because they’re also awesome and funny and get along great with her and everything

i want a signed poster of mandy for my room

omg they put those popper things in sig’s cigarette

Marvel’s Chris trifecta

honestly why do they even have elliott on this show anymore, he’s such a dickhole. do they do it just for us to have someone to be constantly irritated with?

always freaks me out to watch these coast guard rescues on deadliest catch